Buck Contest
Whitetail Buck Contest


Whitetail Big
Buck Contest

Two Categories:
Archery and Gun



1) You must be the IBEW Local 953 Union Member that legally harvested the deer.

2) You must send a photo of you and the deer to the Union Hall within 3 days of the last day of the particular hunting season, by US Mail or e-mail to: info@ibew953.org

3) You must provide a general location of where you harvested the deer.

4) In the event of a tie, the Executive will draw to decide a winner.

5) Winning names and photos will be posted on the Local 953 Web Site and in the upcoming Local Union Newsletter.

This contest is open for Whitetail deer, but we encourage the members to send photos of any legally harvested game.

Download the rules.





Archery Entries

Dylan Dettmering

Michael Rabe | 12/13/16
17 1/4 spread
9 points
Total 26 1/4 points

Lineman in Amery
Shot in Holcombe WI



Dylan Dettmering

Nathan Langrehr | 12/13/16
"Root" was named for his non-typical rack.
17 points with a 3" drop tine
235 pounds

Shot in La Crosse County just outside of St. Joseph's Ridge.


Phil Lipinski

Phil Lipinski | 12/13/16
15 1/2 inches spread
12 points
Scored at 160 6/8 by Ridgetop Taxidermy

Shot between Arcadia and Fountain City Wisconsin. The deer was about 15 yards away when drilled by my 100 grain Muzzy broad head attached to a carbon express arrow which was flung by my Mathews Mission. The unique part of this deers rack is the second main beam that grew off the right side of his antlers.



Gun Entries

Brian Jiskra

Christine Crogan | 9/17/2016
12 4/8 inside spread
17 points
Scored at 212.5

Shot in Ettrick, Wisconsin


Dan Ganter

Don Gander | 10/01/2016
19 3/4 inside spread
11 points





Archery Entries

Brian Jiskra

Brian Jiskra | 11/19/13
Dunn Energy Employee
10 points | 238 lbs field dressed
20 5/8 inch spread


Gun Entries

Dylan Dettmering

Dylan Dettmering | 12/13/13
Xcel Energy Employee
8 points



Archery Entries

Corey Eggenberger

Corey Eggenberger | 9/12/12
Between Plum City and Maiden Rock
19½ inch spread
16 scorable points

(3 sticker points by base greater than 1")

Derek Evenson

Derek Evenson | 11/16/12
Dunn County
18 inch spread
14 points

Mark See

Mark See | 8/7/12
Vernon Coop
16½ inch spread
14 points

Mark Andraschko

Mike Andraschko | 11/16/12
Dunn County
17 3/8 inch spread
11 points


Gun Entries

Dale Blank

Dale Blank | 11/17/12
Buffalo County
17½ inch spread
10 points

Glenn Sina

Glenn Sina | 11/24/12
Vernon County
18½ inch spread
11 points