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November 18th, 2020

As Covid-19 continues to rage in Wisconsin, I feel compelled to reach out to Local 953'S members to address a number of concerns. Not only does the virus continue to affect our members, but also their families, employers, friends and even the operations of the Union office.  Local 953 staff continue to respond to an increasing number of questions around various situations that arise in dealing with the virus. Whether you are employed in a plant, an office setting or in the field, please note the following:

 All of you have a responsibility to watch out for your Sisters and Brothers well-being. There have been numerous situations where members have ignored COVID symptoms or close contact and showed up to work and/or continued to work. This type of behavior has resulted in unnecessary lost time and wages for fellow members who then had to get tested and/or quarantined. If you have symptoms or think you have been exposed, please do not report to work until you have received guidance from the appropriate HR or health and safety personnel where you are employed. If you have questions regarding applicable policies or any possible compensation when infected, quarantining or recovering, contact your Business Agent. We expect you to follow all employer policies and procedures related to virus transmission prevention. This includes social distancing, mask utilization (including the proper placement over the nose and mouth at all times), hand washing, sanitizing, etc.  All these things can help to protect coworkers, family and friends. Additionally, we are concerned that failure to follow employer policies is likely to result in discipline as many employers are losing more and more man hours in part due to failure to adhere to their employer or customer policies. Local 953 supports all employers' efforts and reasonable, science-driven policies to protect everyone to the fullest possible extent.

Please be just as vigilant at home and when out and about as you are at work. Any workplace policies are greatly weakened by negligent activity when not at work. While I realize there are differing opinions on the seriousness of Covid-19 and the effectiveness of the various transmission prevention procedures, what is not debatable is the effect virus transmission is having on our employers' operations and on the health of many of our members and their family and friends. We all have a responsibility to do our part, to keep our employers functioning properly, maintaining our jobs, and to keep everyone safe and healthy.


In Solidarity,

Martin Sandberg

Business Manager 










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